If you truly love America, and those principles that our Founders created, then these two video’s will be extremely disturbing, however if you truly believe in those principles then these “ignorant fools” stomping on “Old Glory” have every right to continue being “ignorant fools” and the fact there wasn’t any violence is a testament to those principles and values that is unequally American.

And although the vile language and “thuggish behavior” by the moronic demonstrators continued with one disgusting act, followed by another, it was remarkably a peaceful protest targeted at Donald Trump’s Sunday rally in West Allis, Wisconsin

In the videos obtained by InfoWars, one protester clad in a red cap stated that the “red, white and blue this shit is the new swastika.”

He continued “F**k this flag. F**k this country,” one man explained. “It’s hypocritical.”
A female protester even claimed that “black power will never happen … because you people won’t let it,” before spitting on the flag several times.

The protesters, who claimed to support the Black Lives Matter movement despite not being officially affiliated with the organization, were drawing attention to the 2012 death of a black teenager who was reportedly killed by three white men.

No doubt the senseless killing of any individual is deplorable, however singling out one or even a few depraved acts, while black communities are imploding with a staggering 95% of all crimes being committed against blacks by blacks, then perhaps these demonstrators are stomping on the wrong colors!



Do you think these BLM protesters need to get out of our country? They have no respect for everything that is great about this nation so leave.

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h/t: Daily Caller


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