The Black Lives Matter movement is digging itself into a deeper hole with the recent denial by one of its key organizers that black-on-black crime is a true and valid statistic. While statistics and numbers can vary by huge degrees, there are some things in this life that are, simply, facts.

But Aaron Goggans, a key organizer in the Black Lives Matter movement in the Washington, D.C. area, denied that black-on-black crimes existed, calling them a myth.

"It’s important to talk about the myth of black-on-black crime as just that — a myth." Goggans continued by saying that "Googling" the term would bring up a lot of "different articles."

Though Goggans continued the comments by attacking Ray Lewis's recent statement condemning black-on-black crime, let's pause and address some key issues here.

Goggans' statement speaks to a common problem in today's society. The idea that simply Googling something can turn up the truth. Though there are undoubtedly a "lot of different articles" on the Internet that talk about black-on-black crime, there are also facts, reported by police officers and law enforcement personnel, that absolutely corroborate the existence of black-on-black crimes.

Not only do these law enforcement personnel speak the truth, they also are the ones in the position to see the rampant effects and the increase in black-on-black crime.

Goggans's remarks took in Baltimore Ravens' professional football player Ray Lewis as well. Lewis recently released a viral video where he called on community members to stop community violence by getting guns off the street and stopping black-on-black crime.

"Ray Lewis is talking about a lot of myths," Goggans stated when pressed about Lewis's comments. "It’s not just a few white cops killing a few unarmed black men. It’s actually the state systematically creating up systems that are killing black people."

Really? Systematically killing black people? Tell that to the dozens of black police officers around the country who are forced into dangerous situations protecting their neighborhoods every day. Police officers don't single out people and kill them. They respond to threats with force. That's what they do.

So if they're responding to more black people with force, Ray Lewis is right. We need to get guns off the streets and solve the problem at the community level.

h/t: Daily Caller

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