In the past few years, as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) “movement” has taken the dialogue about race relations in America hostage, many have asked what it is that the activists want to achieve.

Civil rights workers of the past from those involved with the formation of the NAACP to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had a definite set of goals they dedicated themselves to achieving, but the BLM movement has not had a leader to articulate any goals or set an agenda.

Now, after several years protesting, marching, chanting such messages as “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” and “Dead cops, fry ‘em like bacon!” disrupting Donald Trump rallies and even a moment of silence for fallen police officers at the Democrat National Convention, the movement has taken the step of issuing its first wish list.

But rather than concentrating on things such as a commitment to charter schools in the inner cities, the group has demanded that the U.S. government pay reparations for what they term “environmental racism” and “food apartheid” – whatever that means.

Calling for payment as reimbursement for “past and continuing harms” against blacks, BLM says it wants “jobs producing green energy and sustainable foods,” which sounds as though the list was co-opted by the Democrat National Committee platform committee, rather than a group dedicated to improving the lives of blacks everywhere in America and moving racial relations at least back to where they were before President Barack Obama set an “us versus them” tone in the early days of his administration.

Instead of using its media power to promote actual change in inner cities, the bizarre language of the list wants U.S. divestment from fossil fuels.

Exactly how those moves, even if adopted immediately, would improve the life of a child on the South Side of Chicago today, where 441 shootings in July resulted in the death of 65 people, and where nearly 4,000 people have died since Obama took office, remains unclear.

That would be a matter for leadership – not committee.

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