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Whether a radical Islamic refugee shouts “God is great” (in Arabic), or a low life thug yells “Black Lives Matter” before assaulting it’s victim, the end result is still the same…striking fear among the innocent.

And it’s within that context that we should view this “radical hate group” that disguises itself as a peaceful civil rights movement.

This latest incident took place in Akron, Ohio, as a marauding band of thugs chanting “Black Lives Matter,” viciously attacked 7-white individuals early Sunday morning.

The unprovoked attack happened around 12:30 a.m. as the two individual groups approached one another, when suddenly the 4-black men, along with 2-other individuals began shouting “Black Lives Matter,” before pouncing on the 7-white individuals, throwing punches and hitting them with bottles.

The brutal attack continued as one victim fell to the ground, and was repeatedly stomped and kicked in the head until he lost consciousness, before the thugs ran off, however not before robbing them.

Luckily the police located the suspects and arrested them all, charging one Anthony M. Valasek, with riot, felonious assault and robbery.

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

This vicious unprovoked attack by members of this hate group sadly isn’t an isolated incident, it happens almost weekly all across the country, and is seldom reported by the mainstream media, moreover this hate group is actually celebrated by the loony left and among the progressive political class within Washington, and funded by the likes of Nazi collaborator George Soros…in short there isn’t much difference between an Islamic radical shouting “God is great,” or a low life thug yelling “Black Lives Matter” while assaulting people.

Do you think Obama needs to come out and condemn BLM as a hate group? Waiting for the next president to do something is too long!

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Cleveland 19

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