Perhaps there is nothing more disconcerting for sports fans than enduring another weekend of sportscasters speculating and attempting to dissect and discuss a million dollar athlete’s political agenda, rather than their performance on the gridiron.

As proof of this continued obsession by sportscasters was once again in evidence as Colin Kaepernick a mediocre second string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, played once again to his potential, getting sacked 5-times, and throwing for a whopping 4-yards, on one completed pass.

There’s no doubt that Kaepernick became a household name in many American homes, and even none sport fans recognized and became aware of his contrived political stand, either sitting or taking a knee at the playing of our National Anthem at the beginning of each game.

This weekends lose 26-6 to the Chicago Bears at a snow-covered Soldier Field, was Kaepernick’s worst performance within the annals of the National Football League’s illustrious history.

Kaepernick’s overall passing performance against the Bears was a disastrous 39.6% and gave the Bears a much-needed win, and raising their losing record to a 3-9 for the season, which is remarkably better than the 1-11 for the  49ers this  season.

Moreover Kaepernick is a pretty clever guy and has been able to parlay his lackluster football career by actually changing the narrative of his dismal performances on the gridiron, to that of a political activist, embracing groups like Black Lives Matter, and most recently the brutal dictator Fidel Castro.

However Colin Kaepernick wasn’t the only quarterback obsessed over by the sports media, Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers suddenly found himself being “benched” at the start of “Sunday Nigh Football” against the Seattle Seahawks.

The apparent infraction was a team dress code violation which apparently proved to be a big mistake by management, as the team’s backup quarterback Derek Anderson threw his first pass of the game for an interception, which moments later turned into a field goal for the Seahawks

Newton’s sudden departure from the game was later confirmed by head coach Ron Rivera that Newton had been disciplined for breaking "a minor team rule."

However Joe Person, a sportscaster for the Charlotte Observer, speculated that there was something more to the benching.


Moreover there are photos and videos that may perhaps shed a little extra explanation to Newton's  sudden exit, in that Newton was wearing customized cleats prior to the game that read: "EVERY 1 LEARNS, EVERY 1 PLAYS," on one cleat and "EVERY 1 LIVES, EVERY 1 MATTERS," on the second cleat.


The obvious question that seems to be on the minds of sportscasters and perhaps on the minds of some fans was Newton benched for making a political statement, much like Colin Kaepernick, and more importantly do sport fans really care?

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