There is not a day that goes by where one is not amazed to see how much stupider people can get. Particularly the BLM.

No we are not talking about those park rangers burning ranches off their land, although they certainly fit the mold of stupid. We are talking about those stalwart retards of the Black Lives Matter crowd. Particularly one, with the impressive name “BrownBlaze.”  You know the one….fist in the air Bronie-looking up-do for hair—her.

She is calling for violence at this summer’s Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio. She has taken the time out of her very busy day of collecting welfare checks and playing on her ObamaPhone to post some pictures of the type of riot-ware a thug must have to go assault Republicans at the convention.

Not only that, but she has posted these little diagrams in Arabic. A call to Jihad if ever there was one, inclusive of face covering to avoid tear gas, spray paint to aim at the eyes, and so forth.

This is not freedom of speech. This is inciting hatred and violence, and last time we checked that was against the law. As is recruitment for Jihad, which is exactly what these diagrams look like.

In fact, the diagram was lifted from an Arab Spring protest movement, so they are very much terrorist recruiting propaganda.

So what is BrownieBronie doing trolling Jihadi websites and why is she not sitting in a room somewhere with a lamp hot on her face answering the FBIs questions?

Because she is black, she is a thug, and she walks on water, courtesy of the Administration that we so desperately need out of office.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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