There could not be any more of a provocation for a police officer to fire his weapon then having a thug pointing a gun in his direction, obviously no one should hesitate for a moment when your life is in emanate danger.

Unless of course you’re the hate group “Black Lives Matter (BLM), then it's perfectly ok for a police officer to apparently be shot in the line of duty.

This latest insanity is once again taking place in the “wild west” city of Chicago where black on black crime, has reached epidemic proportions.

The latest thug to fall, to his own “self inflicted stupidity” is 16-year old Pierre Loury who was shot by officers after allegedly raising a gun and aiming it at them.

Loury’s car was stopped by police fitting a description of a previous incident, and investigators believe the teenager, at one point, turned and raised his gun at the officer. In response, the officer fired, striking Loury in the chest. The young man was pronounced dead at the hospital.


BLM has been highly critical about cases of African-American teens who are killed by the police, citing Michael Brown, however when the facts came out that Michael Brown had robbed a convenient store, and then assaulted a police officer, which led to his death, BLM did not let it stand in their way as they instigated violence and destruction.

Perhaps the “good mayor of Chicago” should actually consider doing his job, and rather than appeasing these thugs, he should remind them that within a civil society, thuggish and lawless behavior, especially directed towards law enforcement, usually ends badly for those thugs.



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