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Within the last several months we’ve witnessed in what best can be described as an “open season on cops.”

Most recently the fatal shooting of Police Officer Randolph Holder in New York City, by a career criminal with 16 prior arrests, however despite his long record, he served less than six months before being released into a “drug diversion” program, by yet another judge who pushed the sweetheart deal that let an accused cop killer go to drug rehab instead of prison where he belonged.

However not all judges attempt to “socially engineer” from the bench, instead of simply applying the law as mandated, and it seems that Clayton County Magistrate Judge Wanda Dallas is one of those no-nonsense judges we seldom hear about who actually applies the law.

The judge after reviewing a video from a “Black Lives Matter” activist, in which she threatened the lives of police officers, did exactly that.

Although the defendant Latausha Nedd‘s  argued that she was just exercising her First Amendment rights by waving a gun and a machete at the camera in her videos, and calling for “blacks to take police officer’s guns, take over a police station, and kill white people.”

Judge Dallas slapped Nedd with $70,000 bail, and declared that charges of criminal solicitation and terrorist threats should go forward.

Watch the video below:

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