The world famous blind psychic that was able to predict the 9/11 attacks and is reported to have a 85% accuracy rate just released some very horrifying predictions about what Obama is going to bring down on all of us in 2016.

The 85-year-old Bulgarian psychic, Baba Vanga, has been able to predict a large number of ISIS incidents in the recent past. There are even claims that Vanga was able to predict the 2004 Tsunami with ominous warning of a “huge wave” that would hit a “big coast, covering people and towns and [causing] everything to disappear under the water.”

She was able to predict global warming's recent jump to the mainstream saying that “cold regions will become warm … and volcanoes will awaken,” way back in the 50's when wether changes were still just weather changes.

Finally she was even able to predict that our 44th president will be a black male and has been totally accurate in all of these predictions.

What is much more horrifying, however, is her prediction for what will happen while Obama is in his last year in office.

Vanga warned that Obama will be the very last president our country ever sees.

She has even darker predictions for Europe and as of now she's been right about these too. She claims that Europe will see the fall of western civilization due to terrorist attacks and chemical warfare.

She's not the only one that has these predictions about Obama. Many others fear that Obama will try to completely take over, going for a third term or even more and bring down tyranny and oppression onto all of us.

Some experts believe that Obama will institute marshal law in order to cancel elections and remain in power with virtually nothing in his way.

We can only pray that Vanga's predictions are wrong this time because if she's right this time who knows what 'King' Obama will do to our once great nation.

Source: Mad World News

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