“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword"…in short those who spend their time seeking violence are destined to find the violence they seek.

A Black Lives Matter supporter and part-time rapper who once tweeted “black is back, white is wack…”wack a cracker #2015 was to use his expression “wacked” as in shot during a dispute over boots, however not just any boots they were Timberland boots.

The incident took place at the Northlake Mall on Monday, when  a dispute between two groups broke out over a pair of Timberland boots, when suddenly shots rang out, and hit Daquan Westbrook, who was apparently a rapper known as Donkey Cartelon on Twitter.

The rapper frequently uploaded music videos glorifying violence to YouTube.

When the shooting began, store employees and customers began running for exits and hiding out. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say that it is unclear who fired the fatal shot.



Black Lives Matter promotes itself as a civil rights group, while in actuality many within this movement are young and in some cases prone to violence while using this movement as a pretext to simply intimidate and harass the general public, regardless of how this administration and the mainstream media attempt to spin those facts.


Source: Wounded American Warrior



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