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Monica Foy is a big fan of #BlackLivesMatter and apparently she wants the world to know just how truly demented she is by tweeting that slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to be executed because he had “creepy perv eyes”.

Foy deleted the tweet after numerous individuals began criticizing her on the social media platform.

Her comments while disgusting and truly deplorable, actually speaks to another issue, in that there are sadly quite a few Monica’s hanging around evil people, they’re the ones who pen love letters to convicted murders serving life sentences, or demonstrate in public in support of a cop killer, they’re the groupies, the odd balls, the ugly ducklings who for whatever reason live on the outer fringes of normal, and seek attention anyway they can get it, and thus they take to Twitter and make outrageous statements, similar to that of a bratty child who simply wants and needs attention.

And apparently she succeeded in also getting the attention of law enforcement  who arrested Foy at home on an outstanding assault warrant, stemming from a 2011 incident involving a fight with a co-worker. She was held for several hours and then released on a $1,000 bond in the early morning hours.



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