There’s no doubt there must be something in the drinking water, when it comes to Chicago politicians, legislators and judges, in that it’s almost a prerequisite that those that serve the public must be either incompetent or corrupt or perhaps both.

Obviously we have one of Chicago’s finest in the White House, and we all see how that’s gone, and of course the recent news of the slaying of Laquan McDonald and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s claim that he didn’t see the video and after more than a year finally released to the public.

Now of course we have a Federal Judge in Chicago letting out another loon unto the public.

Federal Judge Susan Cox doesn’t think that someone threatening to kill at least 16 ‘white devils’ on campus, and an unknown number of peace officers should be held or at the very least held for observation.

Authorities said Jabari Dean was responsible for a mass shooting threat that forced the University of Chicago to cancel classes Monday at the prestigious college to avenge the shooting death of a black teenager at the hands of a Chicago police officer last year.

Cox agreed to put Dean under house arrest in the custody of his mother. The engineering student will be allowed to attend classes but was released on the condition that he stay off the Internet.

Dean's uncle, Phillip Rutherford, told reporters that his nephew had no intention of carrying out his threat, calling it "just fun and games."

"Stupid. Silly ignorant. Goofy. Everybody is upset. The whole family is upset," Rutherford told Fox 32.

A white student, Hunter Park, recently made similar threats against black students and things aren't going so smoothly for him.

However whatever is in that drinking water in Chicago is apparently also in New York City in that incompetent public officials and judges aren’t confined only to the “windy city!”

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez, released the alleged gunman who shot and killed 33-year-old New York Police Department Officer Randolph Holder to rehab instead of jail for drug-sales, despite a history of three similar felony sale convictions and the advice of prosecutors, to lock him up.

Source: Fox


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