When Adolf Hitler stirred up the maniacal masses responsible for the extermination of the Jewish people, he did this in speech. Historians reflect on his abilities to set into motion his horrific goal courtesy of what can be described as hypnotic charm.

The BlackLivesMatter movement can be said to have none of that Hitler-esque charisma, but what they lack for in that regard, their leaders make up for in arrogance, vulgarity, and utter stupidity.

This is evident when one listens to the crazed diatribe of one of the movement’s “voices.” All you have to do is waste your precious time and tune-in to Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show” to hear the F***YoFlag “leadership” call for the extermination of white folks.

*Be warned-you might want to send your children out of the room before playing any of her clips.

Sunshine and her little ray of a guest, issue a call for the lynching of white people, as a type of sacrificial lamb. The guest even allows for the reality of black-on-black crime, but calls for the changing of the target to be that of white people.

Here’s an idea, Sunshine and guest; how about not killing anybody? How about using your brain for something other than a radio desk-jockey headset rack, and think a bit?

Unless, of course, you want to start a race war, your interests are genocide, and your target is white people.

This suspiciously seems to be the case given Vester Flanagan’s murder of his former co-workers on live television and the execution of Texas Deputy Goforth. Sunshine and her guest are committing a federal offense by ILLEGALLY promoting violence and should be arrested. They go so far as to suggest thugs who commit the crimes post to social media. Such was the case of Flanagan’s evil undertaking.

The guest even goes on to talk about the “trickle effect” and how if you get one person started the rest of the black people will follow.

Black people should be insulted by these two morons. They just called black people a bunch of lemmings, and put them on par with Hitler and his Nazis and even Isis and the Jihadis. How pathetic and tragic does one have to be?

Apparently pathetic enough to be part of the BlackLivesMatter movement and listening to low-lives like Sunshine as your leadership.

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