Unfortunately, the Fourth of July is no longer a celebration of America's independence and the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens in the greatest country in the world. For some, the holiday has degraded into a vicious, angry blood-bath that leaves no room for the honor that our Founding Fathers deserve.

Such was the case in Cincinnati, Ohio on the Fourth of July when revelers met in Fountain Square after leaving a baseball game and a local hip-hop concert. Amid reports of people clashing with police, a video surfaced that shows just how far some people can go on a day that is meant for remembrance of freedoms.

In the video, bystanders, mostly young black people, are surrounding the body of a white man who has been beaten brutally. The white man's face is drenched in blood and he also has bloody spots on his arm.

The controversy regarding the video comes about because of the attitude of the black teenagers towards the injured man. Many are laughing at him and making no attempts to help or summon authorities. Granted, some people in the video do ask for the police and 911 to be called, but the majority of reactions are laughing and pointing fun.

According to police reports, the man was treated for severe internal and external injuries in a Cincinnati hospital before being released a day after being beaten.

This type of attitude from anyone, white or black, is simply amazing. How far have we fallen as citizens of this great country that we won't even help someone who is in need but will instead shoot a video on our phone and laugh about it with our friends?

It's time for a change of heart, America. We all matter and it's up to us to put a stop to violence, racial or otherwise.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit, Daily Mail

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