Natasha Robinson did a great some months back. She is a black woman and while that should not matter when it comes to interactions with white people, it is a great tale to be re-told.

Particularly in the wake of Beyonce Knowles’s vulgar word-porn riddled dog-and-pony half-time show at the Super Bowl.

The blonde-haired emulation of white-trash sang a song of hatred, and Natasha Robinson walked the walk of love for humanity, regardless of color.

She ran across an elderly homeless white man in a parking lot one evening. She quickly ascertained he was hungry, as he was digging through dumpsters for scraps.

Ms. Robinson offered him a dinner date and the two went to Wendy’s. They enjoyed each other’s company as people of any race, faith, gender, age, and social standing should.

In that they were the epitome of love. Meanwhile the pantsless sow on stage is the epitome of whoring out hatred.

The gentleman was over whelmed with gratitude and appreciation. Denying his insistence for a dollar-meal item, Robison dined with him until he was full. When their encounter came to an end, he exclaimed, “Thank you Lord, for sending someone.”

In that brief moment, Ms. Robinson was the human being that God intended and for that we should be star-struck. Not for the hatred evil of others.

Source: Mad World News

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