In the self-aggrandized world of the politically correct, there are no concessions, no compromises, and little compassion for those who step out of the bounds of progressive dogma.

Whether it’s “social justice, or “white privilege” those on the left see the world in either black or white, with no room for those various shades of gray.

Therefore it’s quite easy to attach an ulterior motive to an already perceived agenda of a “white girl” wearing a “turban” if you already subscribe to the progressive orthodoxy of “white privilege.”

Thuaune Cordeiro is a 19-year-old, young lady fighting for her life battling cancer, and because of the chemotherapy in fighting the disease, Cordeiro has lost all of her hair and has taken to wearing a turban.

Moreover, Cordeiro happens to be Brazilian, a “white Brazilian” and why is that distinction so important? Because in the refined world of the politically correct it seems only those with certain skin pigmentation are allowed to wear a turban.

After Cordeiro had posted pictures of herself on Facebook wearing a turban, she was verbally assaulted and ridiculed for “cultural appropriation” whatever the hell that means.

In short, it’s not politically correct for a “white Brazilian” to wear a turban because only “black Brazilians” are allowed to claim that distinction, in fact, Cordeiro recounts an incident on her Facebook page where a black woman aggressively accosted her on the street.

Imagine for a moment this young girl battling for life and now must also wage a battle on another front with those individuals who use identity politics and skin pigmentation as a litmus test in deciding if the shade of one's skin is dark enough to wear a turban.

However, Cordeiro is firing back on Facebook saying: “I’m so angry with this whole cultural appropriation thing … this is called cancer, so I use what I want!”

Moreover we wish Cordeiro a speedy recovery, and hopefully, someday she won’t need to wear a turban!

Do you think this is a prime example of how making accusations of racsim are way out of control in our politically correct cultre?

Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think.

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