It seems that even the elderly just trying to enjoy a nice day in the park aren't safe from the terror caused by these awful thugs all over our country.

This one elderly white woman was just sitting in the park trying to enjoy the beautiful sunny day when she was approached by group of young black thugs.

They first start by yelling at her and taunting her in broad daylight. You can hear one of them in particular yelling an excessive amount and repeatedly threatening her.

He approaches and then backs off multiple times before doing the UNTHINKABLE.

What Would You Do?

Defeating the Liberal argument regarding gun control. Just show them this video and ask them if this was your wife/sister/mother/aunt...what would you have done?

Posted by Trumpians on Monday, 19 October 2015

He comes up to the elderly woman who has not put up any protest or fight, winds up, and knocks the poor woman out.

That poor woman could have been your mother. Somebody seriously needs to teach these savages a firm lesson.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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