Grab yourself some popcorn, fire up the computer, better yet fire up the smart TV so you can watch 22-seconds of awesomeness unfold on your personal big screen and get ready, because chivalry is not dead. It is alive and well and utterly enjoyable to behold.

It is not clear what lewd and crude verbalization's were slung at the blonde woman in the video clip, but what is clear, is that her husband, man that he is, has no intention of allowing her honor to be sullied by the monstrous black thug that keeps getting up in his face.

The wife does her best to intervene and calm the situation down. However, every time her husband turns to walk away with her, the thug keeps coming.

He gets right up in hubby’s face, puts his finger to his chest and that was it.

Hubby snapped.

In less than a second he deftly drops the thug to the ground-out cold.

The bottle to the head trick will do it every time.

Source: QPolitical


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