What deranged and perverse mind would kill a stranger in cold blood? What manner of individual so hateful towards authority and perhaps the skin color of the victim, that he would pump 15-rounds in the back of someone he never met and apparently never knew?

Perhaps someone a lot more insightful; can make some sense out of this senseless tragedy…I can’t!

The man Shannon Jaruay Miles, 30 who created this carnage simply walked out of the early morning shadows as deputy sheriff Darren Golforth 47, stopped at a Chevron gas station, and began shooting round after round into the back and head of Golforth, who died almost instantly.

There is no doubt that there’s evil in the world, lurking just under the surface of what we hope is a civil society, and anything can unleash the beast within, and so when the political elite both in Washington and within major cities all across the nation, begin to pick apart law enforcement with political and dangerous rhetoric, to simply push a progressive narrative, “good cops die”!

And when you take the tools away from good policing because of a political agenda as is the case in New York City, violent crime rises, and perhaps Harris County Sheriff, Ron Hickman said it best referencing the hate groups slogan; “Black Lives Matter”, he continued, “well, cops lives matter, too.”

Law enforcement suspects that the motive to kill Officer Golforth was because "he was wearing a uniform."

h/t: NY Times

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