Once again we witness a senseless and brutal crime that seems to be happening with much too much frequency; it was only a few months ago that a similar incident took place.

Then as now words were exchanged, and a young man on leave from the military was also brutally murdered, by a passing auto with African-American males who instigated an issue, then as now for no apparent reason.

The latest victim was a young 20-year old University of North Texas student, who was shot in the head while driving.


Sara Mutshiechner, who is white exchanged some words with a black Lexus SUV occupied by “five or six black men, moments later the SUV  drove up next to Mutshiechner’s sedan and open fired.

Sara, a member of the Zeta sorority of UNT, was the designated driver for her friends after they attended a New Years Eve party.


Witnesses told police that a black male in the Lexus SUV opened fire on Sara’s vehicle, striking her in the head. Sara then crashed into a utility pole and was put on life support at Denton Regional Medical Center where she later passed away.

While no one knows for sure if this was a racially motivated crime or not, one thing is almost certain, in that if the roles were reversed and the victim was black, there would no doubt be wall to wall media coverage, and perhaps nationwide protests.

Contact investigator Eric Beckwith at 940-349-7974 if you have information about the occupants of the black Lexus SUV.

Source: Star Telegram

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