Check out the picture of 17 year old D’Angelo Nathaniel Matthews. The picture of doe-eyed, baby-faced innocence, beneath an interesting mushroom of hair. Aaah... how sweet. You just wanna squish those chubby little cheeks.

Yeah, well don't be fooled.


This 'child', along with his two buddies, a 14 year old female and a 15 year old male, killed an elderly gentleman in the early morning of July 29th. These cretans, went for a joy ride  with some other unidentified individual and stole a bunch of fire extinguishers from various apartment complexes and had a grand old time vandalizing property as they went along. Who steals fire extinguishers? Idiots, that's who. Murderous idiots, at that, and the worst kind of idiots out there.

Enter 74 year old Larry Eugene Brown. Mr. Brown, while minding his own business and walking to the bus stop met with his demise at the hands of these three killers. Having taken an interest in the elderly man, they decided to mug him, beat him into the ground, and kill him. He died because his head was bashed in with a fire extinguisher(s) stolen earlier by Matthews and his friends. They robbed him, and scored big with Brown's wallet, three-bucks, his cell phone, a flashlight and razor.

You have to wonder what kind of human beings we are raising in today's society?  It seems that everywhere we turn the news has something along these lines to report. We are raising a society of children, who have such an enormous sense of self and entitlement that they have absolutely no regard for human life when it comes to their instant-gratification wants. It's disgusting beyond words.

Parents, reign your kids in, and by definition, do some "parenting." Teach them that they are not the center of the universe. Teach them about good and evil and raise them to be the former. Otherwise, your kid might end up turning out like these three demented, evil, hate-filled monsters.

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