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How far is it all going to go? How much special treatment is going to be expected by minorities before everyone feels like they are given an equal shot at life. Special treatment? Yes, it is special treatment that blacks are demanding in the midst of all of the drama that has been going on lately. Black lives do matter, but are they worth more than the lives of everyone else? Black lives do matter, but should black students be given a passing grade just because they are black?

Students with failing grades at Oberlin College - black students - are demanding that their grades get bumped up to Cs. Why? Were they graded incorrectly to begin with? No. These students think that they deserve a passing grade just because they are black. These students think that they deserve special treatment in the midst of all of the drama that has been going on. Black youth were shot by police officers recently, a sad truth, but how is passing these students who don't deserve to pass, these students who are perfectly safe and unharmed... how is that going to make up for the shooting of other blacks? These students don't deserve passing grades just because of the news that has been coming out lately. These students need to work hard if they want passing grades.

Bumping up the grade of a failing student simply because of the issue of race, because the student demands that they deserve it, because "black lives matter", is a big mistake. When you go to see an accountant or a doctor or nurse, do you want to feel the need to wonder if that individual truly earned their degree? You shouldn't have to worry that the man who is operating on you passed his college classes just because he is black. While black lives do matter, so do the lives of everyone else. Because black lives matter, black students should be treated equally with their classmates, and they should have to work to earn their degrees.




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