In a bizarre incident at a Georgia high school a white student took a Confederate battle flag to school and was confronted by two black students putting the school on lock down and leading to the suspension of all three students.

The incident occurred at Rockmart High School located in Polk County, Georgia and highlights the still tense situation that many states in the South have when it comes to flags associated with slavery and the Confederacy.

An unnamed 10th grade student was dropped off at Rockmart High and was sporting the Confederate battle flag from the moment he stepped on the school's campus. The flag was prominently attached to his backpack and drew the attention of two black students who stopped him.

According to the school principal the black students asked the flag-toting student why he was showing off the flag. Shoving and shouting ensued but the altercation between the students was quickly broken up by teachers. Later during the day the principal placed the high school on lock down because of a rumor that other students were going to be bringing Confederate flags to the school as well.

No weapons of any kind were found during the altercation but all three students were suspended from school.

That suspension occurred, said the principal, because "when you become a distraction where students can't learn because of a distraction then that needs to be removed."

It's unfortunate for all three students that the high school principal was unable to see the issue as an issue of free speech. But while freedom of speech is important, so is student safety. Sure, the kid might have made a dumb move by bringing the flag to school and waving it in front of the black students who confronted him, but doesn't he have a right to decorate his backpack however he wants?

Let's get a thicker skin, America. Does toting a flag on a high school backpack really matter that much? I suggest that it doesn't.

h/t: Fox News

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