The one common thread that binds the progressive movement whether it’s within academia, Hollywood or among the political elite; is the sheer hypocrisy of who they truly are and what they say.

Hillary Clinton for example speaks about income inequality, and about those evil Wall Street Exec’s while pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from those same evil Wall Street Exec’s, all while earning hundreds of thousand of dollars on speaking fees.

And the same holds true for activists, especially those within the black community such as the likes of Al Sharpton or a radical hate group such as “Black Lives Matter” and of course student protests who use whatever situation to push their own political agenda, and perhaps embellish or even fabricate a racial issue, to garner more control, which now appears to be the case at the University of Missouri.

Jonathan Butler who is a graduate student and started his hunger strike in a move to force university president Tim Wolfe to resign because of some alleged racial slurs, made by a student and or students, however no individual has been yet identified.

Moreover while Butler speaks of “a gaping and infected wound” and denounces ‘White Privilege’ in actuality this poor oppressed black kid, turns out to be a spoiled rich kid, who simply likes the idea of playing an oppressed black kid.

It seems that Jonathan’s dad, Eric L. Butler, is an executive vice president, and last year earned $8.4 million dollars, and his family’s net worth is in excess of $20 million dollars.

Maybe Jonathan Butler is really just trying to get his daddy's attention.

Source: American Thinker

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