A 34-year-old Cincinnati man reportedly confronted a female jogger running along a busy street, shoved her into oncoming traffic, waved a knife in her face, and said that he "hates white people." The woman was able to get to safety and the man was picked up by police, but this strange series of events has been missing from most news outlets.

While the media has been mostly silent about this insane racist, luckily the justice system has been busy making sure that the man accused of shoving the jogger, Rodney Arnold, pays for his mistakes.

Arnold was charged with a series of serious crimes including assault, carrying a concealed weapon (the knife he brandished in the female jogger's face), as well as "ethnic intimidation." With his bond set at a nice, high $90,000, we can be sure that Arnold won't be running around shoving joggers into traffic any time soon.

So, while the justice system is keenly aware that racism and racist acts can cut both ways, it is becoming more and more obvious that the media only views racism in one direction.

When you compare the recent explosion of criticism following a police officer in Texas confronting a black girl at a party with Arnold's violent, supremely racist acts and comments, it's hard to see why one should get more media traction than the other.

Yes, the argument can easily be made that the Texas police officer was a duly ordained man of the law who may have abandoned his training and let emotion take hold while Arnold is simply a radical; a crazy racist who bucks the trend.

However, differentiating these two cases based purely on the color of the perpetrator's skin is a false and flawed way to portray racism. Obviously, as this Arnold man shows, racism can cut both ways. Let's just hope the mainstream media and clowns like Al Sharpton are able to see that and not inflate things out of proportion.

Don't hold your breath...

Source: Cincinnati.com



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