In a radical, but welcome change, protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are actually pushing back against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a strong way. While conventions typically attract polarizing figures from either side of the political spectrum, the presence of black protesters at the DNC is reassuring.

The protesters, who appeared well-organized and on-point with their message, banded together outside the DNC to protest the coming election between Clinton and Donald Trump. But they had a special message to the pundits and pollsters who are predicting that black voters will turn out in record numbers in support of Clinton.

"That whole myth that black people are going to support her is going to be exposed. She won't win if it comes to black votes."

The reason these protesters are so worked up against Clinton is simple. She's been instrumental in the death of black people.

"Don't vote for Hillary. She's killing black people," the protesters chanted while circling a central stage.

It's beyond reassuring to see that there are black voters who recognize Clinton for the flawed candidate that she is. Trump supporters will welcome the added support from a demographic which typically votes at the polls with voices for the Democratic party.

But one of the organizers of the protest is convinced that they can stop the spread of Clinton's lies and tell the truth about her platform.

"These people are going to march across the country and they're going to keep educating and keep educating. That's the real deal," said an unnamed organizer who was leading the chants against Clinton.

Conservative fans, if these people can infiltrate the DNC and stand up against violence and hatred for their dislike of Clinton, there may be some hope for the Republican party yet.

Either way, it's a refreshing voice coming from Philadelphia right now.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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