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Unless you’re living under a rock, it would be almost impossible not to have seen on the nightly news or on social media a score of video clips of Trump supporters being harassed, intimidated, and physically assaulted. And perhaps the most egregious is a young woman wearing a Trump tee-shirt cornered in the front of a hotel by a mob of enraged male thugs, throwing eggs, spitting and weaving a Mexican Flag in her face, while security guards on the other side lock the glass doors of the hotel entrance-way refusing to let her in.

However this wasn’t an isolated incident, and seemed to be a well orchestrated strategy by “anarchists” to use violence to perhaps stop the Trump movement. Other incidents of assaults taking place in San Jose California following a Trump rally included an unsuspecting Trump supporter being sucker punched, another being blooded by a thug apparently smashing the side of his face with a bag of rocks.

This incident captures a self-described Black Muslim chasing down a young white Trump supporter and tackling him to the ground.

The black thug using the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, posted the incident and video on social media and re-tweeted congratulations on his chasing down and tackling the Trump supporter.

All of which taking place under the “watchful eyes” of the local San Jose police, who stood by simply observing the mayhem, which prompted the good leftist Mayor Sam Liccardo to blame Trump for the carnage taking place, even though Trump supporters were the main victims…sounds like someone within the Democratic Party has decided that words alone will not stop Trump…perhaps a little orchestrated mayhem just might.

Here are the still images of anti-Trump Muslim “Houdini” chasing and tacking a Trump supporter leaving the rally in San Jose, California.







ABC posted video of the event.

Video taken before the white man was chased down shows he was acting in a civil and respectful manner:

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