A little thought-police for ya?

Freedom of speech, as in stating an opinion, is apparently reserved for one black female Democrat State Senator hailing from the Show-Me-State of Missouri.

That’s right folks. Orwellian thought is alive and well and has been taken to heart by Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

“$1000: If you can find out his union membership & who employs him (other than his bar). Must provide proof” (@MariaChappelleN).

The “him” she refers to is a certain Mr. Gilliam, who posted his rather obscene name-calling (“Racist Bitch”) in response to her ongoing and varied rants about racism via the public social media sphere. Her Twitter feed is chock full of other precious items, the likes which include hash-tagged slogans like the has-been #BlackLivesMatter, and #BlackJobsMatter, or even the moronic #BlackExerciseMatters. Go figure that last one.

Todd Gilliam has the right, no matter how out of line his comment was, via the 1st Amendment, to say whatever he wants about anyone he wants, as a matter of opinion. As does Senator Nadal, who expresses herself quite vocally with things like #WhitePrivilege.

However, Senator Nadal disagrees that Gilliam has this right, to the point, that she has issued a bounty on Mr. Gilliam, and went so far as to include a head shot for facial identification. A bounty, people! When was the last time you ever heard of an elected official issuing a bounty? Ummmm, Sadaam Hussein, Bashar Assad, Adolf Hitler…ringing any bells? (Of course those first two guys weren’t exactly “elected”). Tyrannical dictatorial maniacal narcissistic megalomaniacs, that’s who does this sort of thing!

It is conceivable, as a matter of opinion, to question whether Ms. Nadal has any business being in a position that requires her to legislate anything, as it affects everyone’s lives, black, white, red, yellow, or otherwise. When she issues bounties on people for the very same freedom of speech that allows her walk around race-baiting the public with things like #WhitePrivilege she has gone far too far around the bend.

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