It seems that everyone wants their “15-minutes of fame”, even if it means admitting to murder, and that exactly what Maxwell Marion Morton did, after murdering his classmate and then actually taking a selfie of himself posing with his dead victim and posting it on ‘SnapChat”.

And although the popular app allows the user to send picture messages that disappear off of the recipient’s phone within seconds, that doesn't mean someone receiving the photo can’t save it, and of course that’s exactly  what took place.

And aside from the bizarre circumstances of how and why this student was murdered, is anyone’s guess. However the continued media coverage of racially charged stories may have in some way played a role in that Morton is black, and his victim white.

The image clearly showed the victim was shot in the face. District Attorney John Peck’s job of prosecuting has never been easier.

In 30 years of being a prosecutor, Peck said he’s never seen a picture of the suspect posing with the victim.

And while there isn't as yet a clear motive to the murder, one can’t help but wonder in this climate of racial tension, if the roles were reversed, if another city wouldn't be up in flames, and the mob chanting “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, and with Sharpton leading another march to nowhere.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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