Walmart is getting to be absurd. In this latest foray into stupidity, they fired a man for cleaning up trash, without being asked.


While his race is neither here nor there, it serves to relay the story because there have been so many about black thuggery.

There is thuggery of all ages, races, and genders. There is also thuggery in the form of corporate America. Walmart has since joined the gang, it would seem.


Fifty-two year old Thomas Smith, a former criminal and homeless man, was hired to corral carts left scattered about the Walmart parking lot.

He did that. When not doing that, and while on his break, he took it upon himself to gather up trash. In amongst the trash were recyclables. He gathered them up, turned them in and made a grand total of $5.10.

The manager viewed this as theft and fired him. Seriously. They canned the guy cleaning up cans in the parking lot that they obviously were not readily cleaning up themselves. Smith did not know he was not allowed to do that. Who would?


So Walmart’s policy is to leave trash floating around their parking lot? Employees are not allow to pick it up and cash in on it? Does Walmart cash in on it or something? Maybe they do.

It’s CRV after all. They pass on the collected tax to their state, so it would seem they can reclaim it like anybody else.

Maybe Smith should have been made aware of the policy, if it exists.

Walmart is being reached out to, and there is no word on where they stand. Smith is receiving financial assistance via crowd-sourcing.

This is certainly an interesting story all the way around.

Source: Mad World News


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