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Edward Watson is a courageous man for speaking his mind, more importantly for telling the truth, sadly a rare commodity among both the political progressive elite and within African-American communities.

And so in response to yet another senseless act of violence, a drive-by shooting that left three young African-Americans dead, Mr. Watson fed up with perhaps more political spin interrupted the Mayor’s speech, and gave one of his own.

The epic message pulled no punches; “If this were a white police gunning down three blacks, and injuring four, Wilson High School would be set on fire, and every black leader, every community leader would be up here “black lives matter hands up.”

He continued: Blacks are murdering blacks every 32 hours since June. I’ve been in this town all my life, I’m 56 years old. I am afraid of being shot and gunned down by a black.”

Mr. Watson is a black man who has had enough of the carnage taking place within our inner cities, and it will be men and woman like Mr. Watson speaking out, that will hopefully move these cowardly legislators and black community activists to actually and finally address the crisis, in that according to FBI stats 2,491 blacks were murdered in 2013, of those 2,491 people, 2,245 were murdered by other blacks.


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