The focus on race since this administration has been in office has unfortunately become a national issue, with both the professional race hustlers and the media reporting inaccurately and at times creating a false narrative to simply push a progressive agenda of unbridled race discrimination of African-Americans.

So in a perverse way it’s understandable that when a family that happens to be white, is brutally murdered by an African-American thug, the response by the mainstream media, by this White House, and the professional race agitators is “SILENCE”.

Simply imagine coming home with your family, and suddenly an intruder invades your home ties you up, your wife and your 10-year old son, along with your housekeeper and holds your family captive for at least a day, and forces  you to withdraw a large sum of money while he  brutalized them repeatedly.

He orders fast food, watches TV, and continues terrorizing your family and you’re helpless to do anything about it, while this lowlife waits for the cash to be delivered to your home. And when it is finally delivered he murders your wife, your son, your housekeeper and finally you, and then sets your home ablaze.

And although the tragedy was obviously reported on the local news and made a brief appearance on the national network, it was quickly ignored and pushed off the national scene, and perhaps the reason for the sparse “airtime”, was that this low-life thug happened to be Daron Dylon Wint, an African-American.

And that’s perhaps why we don’t hear the familiar chant of “black lives matter” or the more creative one “hands up don’t shoot”, and we certainly haven’t seen the reverend Al leading a march shouting “no justice no peace.

Equally silent however no less culpable for the disintegration of race relationships is the president himself for using race as a political wedge issue, further alienating America along a racial divide.

 Daron Dylon Wint has been charged with first-degree murder in the slayings of the Savopoulos family. His identity was confirmed by police through forensic evidence at the crime scene.

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