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It seems almost everyday we witness another incident that confirms our belief that America is in disrepair, and that the outlaws within our society are winning the battle against civility and the rule of law.

This latest incident began when a 14-year old Denton girl decided to honor those fallen police heroes in both Dallas and in Baton Rogue, by having a fundraiser in their memory.

So Mia Cagle decided on what else, but a lemonade stand to honor those brave police officers.

“I asked my Mom, ‘can I please help them?’ I just really wanted to help them” she says.

Mom said yes, and young Mia went about getting her “Back the Blue” signs ready, and her gallon of Country Time Lemonade, and everything needed to raise money in support of those that gave there lives in the line of duty.

And so last weekend with her stand finally complete she was ready to begin, however when she took a moment and stepped away from her stand, someone decided that a 14-year old girl honoring the memory of fallen police officers, killed in the line of duty, by deranged racists, is somehow offensive, so her stand was destroyed, along with perhaps a young girls understanding of how evil some people can be, in destroying dreams.

After seeing the senseless destruction of her stand Mia simply said: “I was just heartbroken, because these people who I’m helping needed that, and I was just in shock.”

However no good cause goes unrewarded, as the police department in Denton came to the rescue: “We thought, well, what can we do to show our appreciation for her support? So we decided to replace her lemonade stand,” says Detective Wade Laughlin.

Source: CBS

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