Here we go again! A bunch of marauding demonstrators taking to the streets without a permit and then walking onto a highway in Austin Texas, endangering the lives of unsuspecting motorists, not to mention their own “black lives”, ironically they do “matter”, and that’s why they were promptly arrested, after being forced off the highway.

And according to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, the Austin Police Department and Department of Public Safety made 6-arrests of those individuals who marched onto Interstate l-35.

The disturbance began a little after 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon as protesters began walking onto the freeway, which immediately prompted the Austin Police to barricade the highway and stop traffic, for the safety of these protesters.

And to make matters even more complicated for the police, there was another demonstration taking place, which of course got out of hand and forced the police to make arrests in that encounter’.

What seems apparent is that this group has from time to time demonstrated a violent undercurrent and has in some instances assaulted innocent bystanders.

The group is well-funded and rumor has it that liberal billionaire George Soros has bankrolled the operation, although he denies those rumors, however what can’t be denied is the public support by the Democratic Party.

BLM protestors shutting down freeway in Austin, TX

BLM protesters getting out of control at the Texas capital

Source: KXAN



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