If anything actions always speak louder than words, and simply reaffirms to many (by their actions), what most civilized Americans have known all along, that a sizable number of protesters within this group simply lack a basic understanding of civility, and quite frankly it’s all about upbringing, and one would imagine that within this group there’s a sizable number of people who come from a chaotic family environment.

As Black Lives Matter demonstrators over the weekend gathered in Broward County, Florida after they heard a pro-Confederate flag rally was about to take place, and disrupted the event by blocking traffic and did what most would consider a disgusting and vile act, by publicly wiping their butts with the Confederate Flag.

Outrageous, no doubt! However this is systemic sadly of an inner city and pervasive culture within the black community, and all one needs to do is witness this protest and actually hear what they say and the signs they carry.

“Look at that sh*t backed up so decent, it’s like a mile of f*cking Nazis,” one protester celebrated as numerous cars were blocked from the park.

And another demonstrators sign proclaimed; “F*ck Your Heritage,” “Black Spring,” “Racist Pigs” and “God Hates Flags.” They chanted phrases like “f*ck your flag” and “shut it down” as the Confederate flag supporters desperately tried to defend their flag.

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