Black Lives Matter protesters have been speaking out against establishment protocols and institutions for several months now but the group recently protested for campus police officers to be disarmed at a Portland, Oregon school, a move that highlights the protest group's efforts to expand their debate.

The protesters took to the campus of Portland State University during a freshmen orientation activity sponsored by the campus. The group sported banners that read "#Disarm PSU" and were chanting "Black Lives Matter."

According to the protesters, PSU doesn't have any need for armed campus police officers. "We feel we would be much safer without them, especially with the Portland Police Bureau office main precinct being about five blocks away," stated one PSU student who was involved in the protest.

That feeling, however, isn't based on facts or able to be substantiated. While some students no doubt would feel safer if police officers walked around the campus unarmed, the university disagrees.

PSU has employed armed police officers on its campus for nearly a year, following a December 2014 study that indicated that the campus wouldn't be able to secure itself in the case of an active shooter situation. The university plans to add 12 armed officers to its police payroll over the next three years, reported Breitbart, a decision that wasn't entered into lightly and that took over a year for PSU to implement.

So, while protesters may claim that they don't feel threatened on the campus, or that police officers don't need to be armed with potentially lethal weapons, the fact remains that this situation at PSU is a typical public safety versus private freedom conundrum.

Certainly we would all feel safer if we could walk around and not see any guns anywhere or have police call us out for suspicious activity. However, governments--and in this case the school's administration--make a promise to protect the safety and freedom of our society as a whole. And that means giving some people guns.

h/t: Breitbart

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