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For those that live in big cities and in particular cities like New York, these type of mindless antics are commonplace, and although this brief video is troubling, it’s indicative of where we are as a society.

If anything the recent carnage of police officers being ambushed simply emboldens the bottom feeders within any civil society to come up from the swamp as this individual has.

The brief video clip captures this particular “bottom feeder” running down a tree-lined street on Staten Island, ripping down blue ribbons attached to street poles and trees and shouting “f–k blue lives!”

The video was taken as 54-year old Steve Worona who was driving by, when he noticed the deranged “bottom feeder” handling the ribbons, at first the Staten Island native thought that the individual was simply attempting to fix the ribbons saying;

“At first I thought he was fixing them, but when I saw him doing it again and again, I pulled over and said I have to record this. It got to the point where I had to say something,” that ended up having a heated argument.

The verbal assault continued by this deranged individual shouting “F–k all lives. F–k blue lives.”

Obviously the suggestion that every life matters seems to be a flash point of hate for those within the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement, and perhaps as offensive to critical thinking individuals as the false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot!”

The blue ribbons were in tribute for NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu, who was ambushed and murdered on January 4th 2015, by another “bottom feeder.”

WARNING! Graphic Language:

Do you think this rude cop hater has any right to go around taking down Blue Lives Matter ribbons?

Let us know in the comments section below how you feel about this BlackLivesMatter moonbat.

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