You know, if you are going to be an activist with a cause, you better make sure it’s a good one. You should probably pick something a bit more honest than the black thug movement known as Black Lives Matter. AND, you probably not lie about your cause.

Twenty-five year old Kayla McKelvey is a young black woman who is clearly not playing with a full deck. Compound this by being under the influence of the BLM movement and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

She is a student at Kean University and a leader of a black racist group. Rather than get involved with a good cause, like trying to stop rampant abortion among the black community, she opted to make-up a cause.  

She sat in the university library and fabricating threats to herself and other black students, via Twitter. This was all in an attempt to bring hate and violence to the campus. She even alerted campus law enforcement to the “situation,” via a tweet;

“@kupolice I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University.”

Kean University took the threat seriously and ramped up security. They contacted an array of law enforcement agencies, to include the Department of Homeland Security. According to Mad World News, a group of black ministers demanded President Dawood Farahi resign.

Can you say out of control? Ms. McKelvey’s little “black” lie had grown to epic proportions. She is now facing a possible 90-day jail sentence and a fine of $82-Thousand dollars. The fine is to cover the costs of all the security rodeo-ed to address what was perceived to be a real threat.

The BLM movement is out of control. They are violent, dishonest thugs who will stop at nothing to prove a non-existent point. They bring shame upon the black community.

Source: Mad World News


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