Obviously “everyone” has a “right” to protest without being intimidated or worst yet “assaulted.” That right is what America is all about and what our First Amendment affords us, the right to speak your mind, without fear.

However after viewing this video by CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond and regardless of the headline, it’s almost impossible to ascertain exactly what is actually going on.

Obviously there’s a scuffle and the Black Lives Matter protester is on the ground, however it’s not clear whether he resisted being put out and decided to resist, or whether he was actually assaulted.

However one thing is clear, this is a pretty big guy who after getting up from the ground would not leave peacefully and had to be pushed and shoved out of the hall.

The disturbance began when the protester began shouting “black lives matter” to which at least one Trump supporter responded, “All lives matter, and this is where it becomes impossible to tell what actually took place in terms of who did what.

In the video, Trump can be heard continuing to speak in the background, then can be heard saying, “Get him the hell out of here,” as the crowd jeers.

Diamond posted the video on Twitter, and according to him the protester was tackled to the ground, punched and kicked by white Trump supporters; however the video actually does not support that, and in fact there’s an African-American male attempting to subdue the protester…you be the judge!

Watch the videos below:

Source: Live Leak


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