In a political climate where so-called leaders are terrified of offending any demographic group that might be useful as a voting bloc, it takes real guts to call out two of the party in power’s favorites, but that’s just what a Louisiana man did in a Facebook post asking one simple question: “Where are the Black Lives Matter Black Panthers?”

The African-American man fits many of the stereotypes of modern culture: he wears his hair in dreadlocks and he has gold-capped teeth, but he speaks with an eloquence that transcends political correctness and ideology.

As Baton Rouge and the area around it suffers the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy with flooding caused by record-breaking rains, over 60,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed displacing at least 102,000 who have filed for federal assistance.

Thirteen lives have been lost as a result of the massive flooding.

Many of the affected communities are predominately black and residents are wondering when black leaders – or any leaders – will come to Louisiana to bring comfort, aid and the massive publicity that will drive donations to provide help both immediately – in terms of bottled water, food, clothing and shelter, and in the long term effort to rebuild.

President Obama has come in for criticism for refusing to break away from his luxury golfing vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to travel to the region, and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been too preoccupied with A-list fundraisers to make the short trip to the Louisiana state capital.

Washington, who posts as “Jiggy Downtomysocks,” isn’t afraid to say it like it is: the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter are AWOL.

I ain’t seen one Black Panther boat or one Black Lives Matter boat. All I see is our own people in the city, the wildlife, and fisheries, and the police going in and rescuing people. All the drama that was going on with the Alton Sterling killing, they came out with guns ready to go to war. But here we go, all these people flooded out and truly in need of help and we can’t find not one of them.

Instead of actually rendering aid to black communities, BLM was working to “Shut Down Graceland,” the home of Elvis Presley, during observations on the anniversary of his death.

Washington’s video had been viewed by 2,952,819 within a few hours after it had been posted, with comments such as, “BLM…BROTHERLY Lives matter… ALL Colors of Brothers and Sisters”.

One commenter challenged the BLM and Black Panthers directly, saying, “See Jerry, THIS is what you call a movement. Not what blm or the panthers are doing. THIS is how you fix issues and bring all of us "HUMANS" together.”

Jiggy’s Facebook profile photo shows people – black, white, young, old, short-haired, black kids, Tom-Sawyer look-alike boys –gathering donated supplies in a U-Haul truck; his caption reads: “America We Stand Together.”

Amid posts such as, “Anyone in Denham springs need any supplies, food, etc? Please inbox me,” Washington makes the most basic, honest statement of all, “We love each other and are showing ya’ll that the love is spreading…It’s OK to shake a hand that’s not your color.”

Jerry L. Washington – “Jiggy” – may well be the hero of the Baton Rouge Flood.

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