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It’s often been said with some humor,that behind every conservative lies a liberal who was once mugged, and perhaps black activist Jerry Ford Jr. will become the latest robbery victim to join the ever-growing ranks.

This latest incident took place on the campus at the University of Houston when grad student Ford a ‘Black Lives Matter” member and group leader was robbed at gun point, as he was about to enter his apartment.

He describes walking by a young man apparently loitering next to his apartment complex, and thought nothing of it until he unlocked his door, and then the young thug sprung into action, pulling out a hand gun and demanding Ford’s wallet and cell phone, which of course Ford surrendered.

Ironically Ford is running for Texas State Representative, while also a vocal activist and head of Houston Chapter of “Black Lives Matter”, which of course promotes the de-funding of many police programs around the country.

And which of course made his comments after being robbed all the more ludicrous stating: “I hope they (the police), would take a bigger stance and put more security over here because you have a lot of people walking back and forth to class.”

Ford also added that because the housing is off campus, it isn’t patrolled by university police security, which he would like to see it changed for the protection of the students…it would seem that a conservative by any other name, is a liberal once mugged.

Then after this BLM "activist" actually had the nerve to actually ask for more protection from the police he comically had this to say about the thief, "I would've gave him money," he said. "I would've talked to him because the real crime is why is he in that position that he feels the need to come and hang out at a college campus and rob people of stuff they worked for."

Right. Good idea Jerry. That will solve the problem.

Check out Ford's call for MORE police presence here:

Source: ABC 13

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