If you ever wanted to point to a “JV team” of terrorists, you need look no further than the idiotic, yet by no means non-violent, BlackLivesMatter movement and their third-stringer wannabes.

These people are idiots.

Blood thirsty thugs, but idiots no less. They are as stupid as the bank robber who writes the stick up note on the back of his checkbook deposit slip.

In the latest epic display of “superior intellect” one their ilk decided it was time to pull out all of the stops and go after none other than “The Donald.” Ms. Kalen “Moron” Rahim issued a call, via the ever-loved by the hashtag-happy BLM movement, Twitter site;

“All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump” (@Kaleen_R.).

Her tweet caught the eye of TurtleBoy Sports, a local blog, who made her sentiments public.

TurtleBoy Sports’ blog post got around and her supposed employer, Explore Talent, handed her butt to her.

They rightfully do not want a thug on their roster.

Like any good entitlement driven thug, she did not go quietly. Having learned no lesson, and being an idiot who is unable to comprehend the concept of thankfulness for not being arrested for a felony, she called the cops. On herself.

She called them because she was fired and wanted to file charges against the blog for publicizing her public threat of murder…moron.

Can you sue someone else for your own stupidity, yet?


Anyhow, the Secret Service were warned by the police after Rahim informed them of her illegal actions, and they stepped up security at Trump’s event.

This is what we are raising as a nation—the next generation and future leaders of our country.

If we do not get Millennials in check, let alone the BLM movement, we are doomed.

Source: Mad World News

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