Ah… the holidays and all the traditions they bring this time of year – turkey, pumpkin pie, friends and relatives gathered around the table with the little ones at the “Kids’ Table,” wishbones and football.

Then off to the malls and shopping areas for new traditions – picketing, protesting, blocking sidewalks, boycotting sales, taunting and insulting police officers, and maybe even getting arrested.

In what has become a Black Lives Matter post-Thanksgiving tradition at malls around the country, protesters once again carried signs and blocked walkways in malls and marched in front of stores on Chicago’s famed North Michigan Avenue in a misguided attempt to draw shoppers, employees, drivers, and people just trying to go about their business to their way of thinking.

Whoever decided on a strategy of inconveniencing people during the “most wonderful time of the year” even before people have grown weary of canned Christmas music, surely failed to see how being locked in a store after a group of protesters shuts down a major mall convinces people to support your cause.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters did just that at the St. Louis Galleria Mall on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, as they chanted, “No Justice, No Profits.”

Eventually, the Mall was reopened after seven protesters were arrested.

In Chicago, only around 100 people blocked the entrance to the Water Tower Place Mall and the Nike store on Michigan Avenue where families go to see Christmas-themed window displays and shop at the vertical mall and tony shops along the – the city’s “Magnificent Mile.”

This year, parents had to maneuver children around protesters carrying signs and taunting police with chants of, “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?”

Dozens of officers on foot and on bicycles maintained a clear path clear for shoppers, families, and tourists.

As is typical of the leaderless BLM, there was no clear-cut goal expressed by the protesters, many of whom marched with their eyes glued to their cellphones, undercutting even any appearance of devotion to whatever their “cause” has become.

Do you think Black Lives Matter groups alienate people by interfering with Christmas shopping with protests at malls and in front of stores?

Source: 100 percent fed up

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