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This video clip sums up what Obama, Sharpton and their army of race baiters has done to damage race relations and policing in our communities. This black man is being taken into custody by police and he seems to be doing just fine walking. The instant the man realizes that there is a news camera he drops to the ground hoping, one would assume, to give the appearance that he has been assaulted by the cops. Fortunately the newsman realizes the pathetic nature of this attempt which we commend. Many liberal news outlet would take this as an opportunity to cry foul and police brutality.

The agenda that has been created in America by the Freddy Gray and Mike Brown riots has set the stage for Obama to make his move in creating a federal police force.

The tension created by the liberal media and the usual race baiters like Sharpton etc. have created an environment where the police who are trying to do their jobs to serve and protect their communities are the ones on trial.


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