While Ferguson, Missouri was garnishing worldwide headlines and the Justice Department along with the mainstream media converged on this small blue-collar town and all but convicted a white police officer of shooting an “unarmed black teenager”, before any evidence was even produced. All under a haze of tear gas, looting and rioting, while black civil right leaders along with legislators and prominent celebrities were holding up their arms in the universal sign of surrender and promoting a false narrative that never actually happened and shouting “hands up don’t shoot’!

Another black teenager miles away in Colorado was finally getting the justice he deserved, however there was no rioting, no looting, no tear gas, no Justice Department, no civil right leaders, and no prominent celebrities, least of all a national media reporting on the senseless murder of a newlywed soldier and his pregnant wife, who happen to also be white

And unlike Ferguson there was little doubt of what actually took place, however there was one similarity in that both tragedies had nothing to do with race. And yet one tragedy becomes a universal discourse in race relationships to the point of having the federal government dangerously encroaching on state policing, and creating a racial wedge of division.

While another tragedy goes hardly noticed by the mainstream media, as if Staff Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and his pregnant wife Whitney Butler, 35, didn’t deserve the media attention because it simply doesn’t fit neatly into the progressive narrative, that on January 14th 2013, the couple coming home walked in on a burglary and were both shot from behind as they walked through the front door. Officials say evidence suggests that Butler was shot in the head as she leaned over her husband’s dead body. The thug Macyo Joelle January, 19 was found guilty of the double murder, he was sentenced as an adult which means he will face life in prison…justice served!




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