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Ex-Vanderbilt football player, Cory Batey, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his part in 2013 gang rape of an unconscious woman.

According to witnesses, after Batey was finished raping the woman he stood up, urinated on her, and said "that's for 400 years of slavery, bitch."

The woman stated in court that she believed Batey did what he did to her largely because the color of her skin. After he was done, he continued to utter horrifying hate speech, and berate the woman for her skin color.

Despite all of this, Batey was sentenced to the minimum number of years possible for the crime he was charged with, and the rape was never once reported as a hate crime.

It is inexcusable that this trial, and the racial targeting of this woman has not garnered more widespread coverage from the media.

On the one hand it speaks to the level crime that must be committed by a football player in order to actually receive a conviction, and on the other it chows the level of apathy the national media has towards hate crimes perpetrated by, not against, African-Americans.

If the skin color of the individuals involved in this crime were reverse, there would be riots after Cory Batey did not receive life in prison. Instead the media has turned a blind eye towards the ordeal. Typical.

Source: Tennessean

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