If you drive an auto, there’s a likelihood that at some point in your driving career you’re going to be stopped for some traffic violation, and (hopefully) when the officer approaches your auto, you’re savvy enough to comply with whatever order the officer demands of you.

However if you’re former Houston Oilers player Lamar Lathon, you apparently think you’re above the law and you don’t need to comply, and in fact use the incident to apparently suggest some racial motive by the officer, and then foolishly publicize the incident, posting it on social media, when in fact you actually fabricating what took place.

The incident occurred Sept. 1 at 1:13 a.m. in a parking lot in Pearland, Texas, where Lathon, 48, was pulled over for allegedly speeding. On the officers dash-cam video, the officer is seen asking Lathon for his driver’s license and proof of insurance, and repeatedly telling him not to reach under his seat, which Lathon seems to ignore, the officer pulls out his weapon and after asking repeatedly not to reach under his seat, he replaces his weapon back in its holster, when Lathon finally gets the message.

Lathon for whatever reason decided to post on Facebook and told the media, the officer pulled out his gun during the traffic stop and pointed the weapon to his head, and he was “terrified”. Lathon however, conveniently left out the fact that he instigated the police officer, and of course thanks to the police video, the ex-NFL player will hopefully apologize for his initial accusations.

You can see the dash cam video here:

Do you think this guy needs to do more than apologize and be arrested?


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