It's no surprise that many white Republicans want Hillary in jail for her many disgusting acts against the nation, but more and more we have been hearing from the black community how they are just as fed up with Obama and Hillary as everyone else. If you thought what Obama did (or failed to do) after the Louisiana flooding then you better brace yourself. Hillary just hit a new low.

You would think that Hillary and Bill Clinton would love the Haitians considering they spent their honeymoon on the poor island nation of Haiti. So when the terrible earthquakes that devastated Haiti hit Haitians thought that the Clinton Foundation would be the first ones in there to offer assistance.

Instead of coming to the rescue as the Clinton Foundation promised they took the the billions of dollars that had been donated to the Clinton Foundation with the thought that it would be used to help the earthquake victims.

The Kind and Queen of Corruption, Bill and Hillary, instead used that money to pad their already massive wallets filled with dirty money from all over. To make things worse instead of just stealing the money they spit in the faces of the desperate Haitians by giving away construction contracts to their friends who never ended up building anything.

"When the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exacerbated the devastation to their own benefit. In the end, billions of dollars donated by individuals from countries all around the world, weeks upon weeks of top story attention on any and every news agency around the world, left Haitians not just where they began, but in worse circumstances," reports the Haitian Sentinel.

All accounts support the claim that only 1% of the money intended for the Haitian earthquake victims actually made it to relief agencies on the ground. Where the rest of the money went is somewhat of a mystery but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to take a pretty educated guess.

Many have made their own assumptions as to the use of the money intended for the relief efforts.

The Haitian Sentinel says that "The money for earthquake relief was funneled massively to friends of the Clintons, who so happen to be donors to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign."

She was positioned perfectly. By 2010 Hillary was already planning to run again and she had a perfect opportunity to take the massive amount of money being funneled to what was supposed to be the Haitian relief fund, while she was the Secretary of State.

That money would have given her a very sturdy leg to stand on in her future presidential campaign. We've already seen that she is not above stabbing other Democrats in the back to climb to the top, but is she really this twisted to steal billions from suffering victims in a devastated city?

That would mean that she not only hurt the Haitians by stealing their money, but by stealing money intended to be part of the relief effort she also stunted tons of donors' attempts to help the people who needed their help the most.

The Haitian Sentinel says that of the 9 billion dollars donated only 1% of it actually reaching the Haitians. So the Clintons got richer and the Haitians continued to suffer.

After all this Haiti is still in ruins and the Clinton campaign wages on. So it's no surprise that when Clinton showed up at the DNC the Haitians were waiting and made their demands known. "Jail for Hillary!"

Everyday we think we've heard the last of the Hillary scandals she surprises us by sinking even lower than before. The only reason she's still afloat at all is that the liberal media wouldn't dare report the truth about their favorite Queen of Corruption.

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Source: Mad World News


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