Refugees are constantly trying to move from places of unrest or violence to countries that offer the chance for a better future. In Europe, Germany, Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries are prime refugee destinations. In North America, of course, refugees try to get into the United States, or maybe Canada.

But rarely do U.S. citizens try to emigrate from the Land of Liberty to another country. Perhaps it's because America is quite possibly the greatest place to live on earth.

However, one New York man is attempting to flee to Canada as a refugee for what he calls racial discrimination.

Kyle Canty lives in New York but has submitted an application to Canada's government to be considered for one of the 10 spots that Canada opens to refugees each year. Canty's reasoning is based on the argument that he is being harassed and targeted because he is black.

In his presentation to Canadian officials, Canty used the recent examples of police brutality to shore up the argument that he doesn't feel safe in America because of the color of his skin. He used video footage of police approaching him multiple times in a variety of settings to help try and convince the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board that he should be given one of their precious refugee slots.

Canty says he has been bothered "because I'm black." However, the man has a history of altercations with the police including charges of making threats, jaywalking, and disorderly conduct.

While those charges are minimal, what's most outrageous about this story is Canty's willingness to step in front of actual refugees in need and use the resources and programs instead of someone else.

Let's face it. If you live in America you shouldn't feel the need to emigrate. We are so blessed to have the opportunities and resources that we do.

Hopefully Canty will end up in a place where he feels safe, though it's unlikely that any place in the world is more free or safe than the America that he lives in now.

h/t: Young Conservatives

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