When you put yourself out there on social media and issue a call to, “Kill all the white people”, chances are you are going to be arrested. That is exactly, and rightfully, what happened to 20 year old black thug, Charles Hollins, after his insanely stupid threat to white people everywhere. He was arrested and has been charged with inciting mass violence, and is being held on $250,000.00 bond. As there is no attorney on file for his case, he appears to be going it alone, or will eventually be appointed an attorney provided by the court system.


Frankly, there are a lot of people involved in this BlackLivesMatter movement, ranging from subvert off-shoot groups, to deranged individuals, that should be finding themselves behind bars. There is no place for that type of behavior in this country. There is no place for people like that in this country, and since we can’t deport the useless, they may as well be sitting in jail somewhere where we can keep an eye on them, and they can have a go at each other behind bars.

Unfortunately, we have a President and all his racist lackeys, who gin up the violence with their false histories, and their looking backwards into the past to drum up the history of slavery, ever forgetting we fought a Civil War, and later the Civil Rights movements to end that era of idiotic racism. The morons among their masses, who were not alive during that bygone era, eat it up, soak it in, like the hopeless sponges they are, and take violent action. While Obama and his ilk may not be out there blatantly calling for the death of white people, with the exception of Farrakhan, they may as well be, because that is exactly what is happening. Their silence speaks volumes when it comes to murders of police officers, calls for killing white people, and endorsing riots.

It is time for the black American population as a whole to stand up and shut this down. There needs to be more than the random social media post and video chastising the thugs. There needs to be some leadership or more Charles Hollins types will rise up.

Source: Washington Times

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